Rick Bischel is the president of the Boyne Island and Tannum Sands Men's Shed.
Rick Bischel is the president of the Boyne Island and Tannum Sands Men's Shed. Matt Taylor GLA100318SHED

PHOTOS: BITS Men's Shed officially launches

THE Tannum Sands men's shed has been built but its members say it needs to be bigger to accommodate its growing number of members.

It's been barely a year since the $100,000 structure at Canoe Point went up and over the weekend Boyne Island Lions Club president Rick Bichsel announced the shed was due for a $48,000 expansion.

The plan is for an extra 15m by 10m space.

The shed took about nine months to upgrade and it has exceeded expectations, MrBichsel said.

Gardens and an expansive pond are highlights of the property, as is the striking 1970s shed donated from the air force.

Their original base was in a scouts club.

"It's wonderful having something to call our own,” MrBichsel said.

"We had 22 members when we first started and now we're bordering on 70.

"It is hard to believe that this month marks four years since we signed the lease with the scouts club to use their shed as our temporary base.”

Mr Bichsel thanked those who helped them raise money and member for Flynn Ken O'Dowd, who he said found the shed.

"We sold 28,000 sausages,” MrBichsel said.

"We looked long and hard for a piece of land and we finally found it. We just had to build the shed.”

Ron Doherty, a member, said a lot of good things had come out of the shed, including a go-kart built for the ramps at Tannum Sands and good deeds such as mowing people's lawns.

"Sometimes it's just the little things like helping the community that can turn around your life and I've seen the effect it can have on some of the younger blokes here,” MrDoherty said.

"They are wearing a bigger smile the more they come.”

Mr Bichsel said having the shed was an important outlet for young and retired men.

"Sometimes you need a place where you can socialise and do something productive,” he said.

"These men can feel like they achieved something when they come here and it restores a lot of confidence in them.”