Photographer strikes while sky is hot

FIRING UP: Lightning striking over Yamba on Wednesday night. PHOTO: JAKEY PHILLIPS
FIRING UP: Lightning striking over Yamba on Wednesday night. PHOTO: JAKEY PHILLIPS

AVID landscape photographer Jakey Phillips captured this - excuse the pun - striking image on Wednesday night, all thanks to a little perseverance.

Jakey has been photographing scenes throughout the Valley for a couple of years, but this was the first shot he'd managed to get of lightning and a skyline.

"I take pictures of storms every now and then, but this was the only shot I've ever gotten over Yamba," he said.

"All of my other lightning photos have been taken out over the horizon."

Mr Phillips said he had been out photographing the evening sunset from Lovers Point when he saw the storm approaching.

"I saw the storm coming in from Woombah - right down the river.

"I headed over to the other side of Lovers to get a better view."

A two-minute exposure captured the strike of lightning through Jakey's Canon EOS 1100d.

"I had the camera at 400 ISO and my aperture at 7.1," he said.

But it wasn't until he downloaded his images onto the computer that Jakey realised he'd struck a real gem.

"It started pouring down rain about two minutes after I took that photo. "I got soaked," he laughed.

"But then I got home and saw the photo on the computer and I was so stoked with it."

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