Petrol price increases make no sense

Letter to the editor from Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands

SAY, what? Unleaded now up 30+c litre?? And most the majority of stations colluding, uncontested, like robots.

Who is kidding whom? It is theft and displays an arrogant contempt for market fairness, especially in regional Queensland, impacted by the tyranny of distance.

Motorists and businesses are held to ransom by fuel companies which dictate the terms of our economy.

All goods and services are tied to fuel prices.

We watched and held our breath as a barrel of world oil set by the OPEC nations began dropping in price radically, for the first time in two years, and we did see some relief, albeit slowly phased in, at the pump.

What did it take? Apparently ISIS's control over Iraqi oil has nothing to do with anything here.

Now, with the decline in the Aussie dollar giving the economy a boost, imports are cheaper and exports more favourable.

What has suddenly changed overnight?

Is there then even an excuse oil companies can hang their hats on, as far as raising the price to record highs, even though oil is hitting a record low $80 a barrel, cheapest for many a season?

It appears that oil companies can call the tune with authority.

And therein lies the ever-present problem: relevant authorities refuse to bite the hands that feed them.

The powers that be condone exploitation with an ulterior motive.

Market forces at play have little to do with fairness for consumers.

With demand in the Northern Hemisphere increasing with the imminent winter, is this just a prelude for what lies ahead, or is it merely greed over the escalating Christmas holiday period demand we are used to seeing each year?

This is more than exploitation; it is greed and opportunism with impunity.

There is no antidote of consequence. Lack of competition is counter-productive to our economy.

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