Petrol drops below a dollar, but not in Gladstone

DISCOUNTED petrol is being offered at less than a dollar in some regions, while in Gladstone the price is still sitting at around 133.9.

Unleaded petrol was 133.9 at the Caltex service station in Kirkwood on Monday, or 129.9 with a Woolworths discount.

At the Boyne Island BP, unleaded petrol was being offered at 116.9 on Tuesday with diesel at 123.9, while the Caltex at Boyne had unleaded for 114.9 and diesel at 126.9.. 

The Star Roadhouse at Miriam Vale was on Tuesday offering unleaded petrol for 117.9 and diesel for 122.9.

On the Sunshine Coast, discounted petrol has been offered for less than a dollar for the first time in six years.

Motorists driving by the Puma Service Station in Sugar Rd, Maroochydore, had to look twice to make sense of the square mark where a dollar sign used to be on the petrol price.

But the RACQ and FUELtrac both warned customers to check the fine print before taking advantage of the 10-cent discounts advertised with promotions.

The non-discounted price was $1.09.

RACQ spokeswoman Renee Smith said that at $1.09 it was "one of the lowest prices in the state".

The last time servo billboards reflected prices under a dollar was in 2009.

A Puma spokeswoman said the 10-cent discount applied when customers spent $20 in store on goods, except for cigarettes and phone credit.

Ms Smith warned consumers they needed to check the conditions because "you don't want to be forced to spend money on in-store items you don't want".

She said that at $1.09 it was about 10 cents below the average on the Sunshine Coast.

Prices in Brisbane remained high last week, at an average of 119 for unleaded, despite prices in Sydney dropping below a dollar.

You can keep an eye on Gladstone fuel prices at the Gladstone Fuel Watch Facebook page here.

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