Pet poodle mauled to death in Frenchville yard

IF THE victim of a "vicious dog attack" in Frenchville had been a child, Dean St resident Doreen Wooley believes authorities would be singing a different tune.

The victim though was almost like a child to Doreen: it was her daughter's poodle pup Violet.

Eight-month-old Violet was mauled to death by two "vicious" dogs that live on a property behind Doreen's house.

Authorities believed that the wee poodle pup could have been sniffing around the fence line behind Doreen's home when the two large dogs, one described as a Rottweiler and the other a bull terrier, ripped into the pup and dragged it onto their territory.

At the time of the attack, Doreen was dropping her daughter off at school. She received a call from her other daughter, who was at home, saying Violet was missing.

Another neighbour broke the news to Doreen saying Violet was lying in a garden bed next door. What Doreen found was the gutted puppy's body, with a hole in its stomach and its innards exposed.

The neighbour, who witnessed the attack described it as if the two vicious dogs were playing with a small black cat in their mouths, before they ripped it apart.

Doreen claimed when she advised Rockhampton Regional Council about the attack, a staff member advised her that an officer would be there soon.

An hour passed and the officer still was a no-show. Doreen claimed the council contacted her and the caller stated: "we can't intervene in someone else's yard".

So, she got the police around. Eventually, a cattle stock officer from the council attended Doreen's property some time later.

"I want justice for my dog... the council should have had a ranger or an officer there straight away," Doreen said.

Council CEO Evan Pardon said it's always difficult in circumstances where a dog has been attacked on private property as council officers don't have any legislative power to enter.

"On this occasion, our officers were able to respond, enter and remove the dog because they were accompanied by the police," he said.

"We strongly encourage people to contact Council with any dog incidents, particularly when an attack occurs."

He said the council would investigate and assess this particular case.

Dog penalties:

The dog may be declared menacing or dangerous depending on the circumstances of the attack.

Requirements for a dog that is declared menacing include:

  • The dog must be implanted with a Prescribed Permanent Identification Device
  • The dog must wear a collar with an attached identifying tag at all times.

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