Now is the perfect time for getting outside

WELL now, what a wicked weekend out on the water, but the predictions certainly didn't pick the 15- to 16-knot breeze that turned up on Sunday evening.

If you were out around Douglas Shoals you'd know what I'm talking about!

Come Monday morning though it was glass once again and many did well, while some others found the fishing a bit hit and miss.

I saw on Facebook some pretty big catches of trout and reds over the weekend, while the red throat seemed to be a bit on the lighter side of the numbers.

Mark Patton slipped out on Sunday and returned on Monday with a cooler box loaded with trout, reds and some spanish.

The sizes of the spanish were also on the smaller side but the Tight Lines comp up at Roslyn Bay weighed in one just over 30kg, which is a very solid fish.

Johnny Ohl also tried his luck around Haberfield and one of his crew, Damien Geljon, nailed a really good trout. They too came home with a good feed of trout, reds, cobia and a spanish.

It was perfect weather for getting out wide and mixing it with the whales, which were on display as well.

The world-famous Johnny Mitchell posted a photo on his Facebook page showing a whale fluke just in front of the bow of his boat Queenslander.

He also was talking about his trip that day with his clients, saying how nice it was to watch a dugong and turtles grazing on the flats, plus the whales.

Many spoke about the schools of bait fish around the region, with one in particular being smashed by some marlin.

Owen Richards took his dad out for a fish over the weekend and it looks to me that for once Brent came up trumps with a thumping red.

There were so many personal bests out there over the weekend and don't you just love it when all the planets line up along with the tides, breeze and sea to create weekends to remember.

At the time of writing this the prediction was that last night it would glass out, or the breeze to be light and variable, but popping up tomorrow to 10-15 knots from the south-east.

The middle of next week around the full moon it looks as though the wind might drop down again, but keep an eye on it.

The tides are starting to build again as we head towards the full moon, so if you manage to get that boat in the water around lunch time and head out, returning tomorrow the same as last weekend can be expected.

Last week a meeting was held regarding the management of Queensland fisheries, including ours, and how they could be managed better.

Now for one reason or another, I wasn't aware of it, nor were many others, and hence it was probably poorly attended.

Many would regard these meetings as a futile waste of time, thinking that no one is going to listen about the ideas you might have for the fishery and its management over the coming years.

But that's certainly not the case, and we need to get the groups from all aspects of the various regions together so that everyone's voice is heard.

We all love to catch fish and those who don't go out fishing still love to eat Queensland seafood, which is where our commercial fishing industry plays such a big role.

This industry employs a lot of people, not just on the boats but also in the marketplaces and the workshops, as well as office staff, the fuel supplier, the ice supplier, the bait supplier, and so on.

Keep an eye on the public notices in The Observer and if any of you hear of these consultation meetings coming up, for goodness sake spread the word.

Finally, it's Father's Day on Sunday and our local tackle shops, chandlery shops and boat outlets have some cracker specials on.

So nip out either today or tomorrow and buy him something that he needs for either his boat or his tackle box!

Happy Father's Day everyone.

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