"People do cocaine because they can't talk to each other"

A REPORT from the United Kingdom's Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs revealed last week that use of cocaine powder has trebled over the last two decades and is growing in popularity among all age groups.

It attributed this to the falling price of cocaine because of the proliferation of cheaper, lower quality versions of the drug and users inability to spot the difference.

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Vice probed this assertion further yesterday, exploring how the dental anaesthetic benzocaine is being used to cut down the drug. It's an interesting read but the most fascinating bit is buried at the bottom.

Asked why he thinks the market is booming, an anonymous 29-year-old 'high end dealer' said that he believes people rely on coke because they've forgotten how to talk to each other without it.

"I deal at parties, and I sit there and can't believe how dull people are," he said. "They're so wired into technology that they just sit looking at their phone all night."

You'd think the drug's infamous side effect of verbosity might be dulled by the UK supply's lack of purity (grams are only 28 per cent actual cocaine on average, and that's before it's been cut for street level), but the dealer believes it has a sort of placebo effect.

"It's only when they've had a dab or a few lines that they seem to be able to talk face to face," he added. "It's like a placebo."


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