People can grab a slice of pie at our newest store

YUMMY: Cara Bosshart serves up one of the pies at Gladstone's newest pie store on the Dawson Hwy.
YUMMY: Cara Bosshart serves up one of the pies at Gladstone's newest pie store on the Dawson Hwy. Chris Lees

THE early mornings may not be glorious, but the freshly made pies sweeten the deal.

Pie World is the newest pastry store to open in Gladstone and it has proven to be a popular lunch choice.

Owned by Cathy Thomasson, her father Denis Connolly is running the show for now.

"It took 12 months in planning and she had a baby the week it was meant to be opening ... that's why I'm helping out,” Mr Connolly said.

Taking six months to build, the wait was worth it with a variety of local fresh pies for sale.

"We thought we needed a specialist pie shop,” Mr Connolly said.

"There was one here about eight years ago and it was very popular.”

With a range of 12 pies, sausage rolls and sweets, Pie World bakes many of their pies in store.

"Mushroom, steak, onion, we put those fresh things on,” Mr Connolly said.

"Mushy peas, fresh mushy peas - that's what a lot of people ask for.”

"They're all baked here with fresh tomatoes and onions.”

And with a new pie shop comes the opportunity to employ Gladstone people.

Mr Connolly said they were able to hire five locals who were all previously unemployed and in need of work.

"They're (mostly) all young and one is senior,” he said.

"It was an opportunity to employ five people that were out of work.

"The town needs people to be employed.

"If they have jobs, they spend more money around town and that's what we need.”

Having opened on Thursday, Mr Connolly said the staff were getting used to the early morning starts.

"They've gotten used to the 4.30am starts, that's the trouble with food,” he said.

"Lots of places have pies, but there aren't a lot of bake houses left in Gladstone.”

As well as regular pies, family pies are part of the shop's range. However, the most popular pie doesn't seem to change.

"The old proverbial plain pie is selling the most,” Mr Connolly said.

"We've had so many people through ... the wet weather hasn't dampened the turn out.

"It's a working man's thing, tradies love it because its a full pie.”

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