SCARED he was about to blow his urine drug test in a breach of parole, a Gladstone drug user tried to bribe a health worker with a $2000 offer if she would pee for him.

The District Court in Gladstone heard Trevor Thomas Anderson attempted the fraud at a Pathology clinic knowing he would test positive to drugs with his dirty urine sample.

At the time he had been released from jail and on parole after serving time for a series of drug offences involving a methylamphetamine (ice) lab.

It was described as an attempt to circumvent the legal system with drug testing an important part of parole.

This week Anderson, 47, pleaded guilty to attempted fraud on June 4 last year in an attempt to dishonestly induce the woman to provide a urine sample on his behalf.

Matt Hynes prosecutor for the Crown, said Anderson was released on parole after receiving an 18 month jail sentence when he reoffended by being charged with having drug utensils.

Corrective Services then ordered him to do a urine test for drugs.

Outlining his drug offending history, Mr Hynes said Anderson also received a 2 ½ jail sentence in 2006 for ice offences.

"This is an attempted fraud as he asked someone else to provide a urine sample to get out of his dirty sample," Mr Hynes said.

He said after the parole officer asked for the urine sample Anderson attended a Pathology clinic and said to female staff that there was no way around this.

Anderson then offered her $2000 "to piss for him" but she said no.

He said it appeared to be an off-the-cuff comment.

"He was attempting to circumvent his obligations, attempting to undermine...

"It's akin to attempting to pervert the course of justice."

Defence barrister Maree Willey said it was unusual circumstances and she was unable to find similar legal cases (precedents).

"This was a spur of the moment. There was no foresight to it," she said.

"There is certainly no evidence of him brandishing around the $2000.

"Clearly a very foolish mistake to make."

Judge Brendan Butler SC was told that his urine sample had tested dirty.

"So it was informed decision he made," Judge Butler said.

Judge Butler said it was an unusual case with some difficulty in knowing how to sentence him, after offering the Pathology employee a bribe.

"The offer you made does not sound very realistic," he said.

"Never-the-less you were motivated at the time by the desire to avoid the consequences of parole authorities becoming aware you had been taking drugs.

"You have a history of amphetamine use, apparent in your criminal history."

Anderson was sentenced to three months jail, immediately suspended for nine months.

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