Parents struggle to cope with stress of raising kids

MORE than half of Queensland parents struggle to cope with the stress of raising children and more than 90% of these parents do not ask for help.

New research revealed almost one in 10 Queensland parents said on a weekly basis they felt difficulties were piling up so high they could not overcome them.

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The Queensland Family and Child Commission, established in July, launched a campaign on Sunday to encourage families to have honest conversations about the pressures.

The commission's Steve Armitage said research showed struggling parents were reluctant to speak out because they were too proud or were scared of being judged as a bad parent.

"We want parents to know they do not always have to put on a brave face," he said.

"Queensland parents name family and friends as their top two support networks but more than a third of parents having difficulty coping have never asked for help.

"We want parents to feel that they are not alone and to talk to people around them about how they are coping."

The campaign, Talking Families, is part of a Queensland Government initiative.

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Tips for parents:

  • If you remain calm, there is less chance for escalation
  • Reprimands and rewards must remain consistent
  • Consequences must always be consistent and age appropriate
  • Phone to get help: Parentline 1300 301 300 8am-10pm


Grandmother wouldn't want to raise kids today

IN 1938, Dot Ward afternoon involved played cricket in the backyard as her mum yelled over the fence and called them in for dinner.

"Life was simpler then," she said. "We only had the radio, not any of the modern stuff, and we had to ask our parents before we did anything."

The 81-year-old was born in Rockhampton and has lived in Gladstone for more than 60 years.

She said school days were always the same.

After school, she would grab a bite to eat and then go out and play with the kids in the street until dinner was ready.

"We'd eat tea, help clean-up, and then I had to do my homework," she said.

"For entertainment, we'd listen to the radio before going to bed, but that was about it."

The mother of two and now grandmother of four, said she wouldn't want to raise kids today.

"My children have done a great job and my grandchildren can actually have a conversation face-to-face, but so many kids can't," she said.

"There are so many distractions and kids can type, but they can't talk."

"If they went outside to play, maybe things would be different."

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