IT'S SOMETHING that every parent dreads - your child getting sick.

I'm not talking about a cold or cough or even a virus that knocks them around for the best part of a week.

I mean serious, scary-sounding, stop you in your tracks things like acute lymphoblastic leukemia or in simple terms, cancer.

Today, reporter Rebecca Davis brings you the story of yet another little member of the Gladstone community who has been afflicted by a serious disease.

I can't begin to fathom what kind of hell little Benjamin Jessen's mum and dad are going through.

His mum Renee said, from the outside, her little boy doesn't look sick but her instinct to get him checked out probably saved his life.

Now their world has been turned into an ongoing merry-go-round of hospital appointments and treatments.

And they have had to leave Gladstone to receive the appropriate treatment.

But once again, as in the case of Zaac Dow and Mitchell Luders to name a few, the community has rallied to support the Jessen family.

Renee Jessen started a Facebook page to keep family and friends up to date with Ben's progress, and it already has more than 400 members.

There are some beautiful messages of support for Ben and his family, which are undoubtedly helping them get through this tough time.

And there are some lovely photos of Ben, sitting in his hospital bed, smiling, or running down the hospital ward after his drip was taken out.

It looks like he is coping with the treatment far better than most adults would.

Part of that would be because of his age - he probably doesn't know how serious the whole situation is. Innocence is sometimes bliss.

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