Palmer lodges appeal in defamation bid

BELEAGUERED resources tycoon and former politician Clive Palmer has filed an appeal against Malcolm Turnbull in Queensland's highest court, after parts of his defamation claim against the Prime Minister were struck out.

Mr Palmer is suing Mr Turnbull and Employment Minister Michaelia Cash for $500,000 each over comments they allegedly made in the wake of Queensland Nickel's collapse last year with $300 million in debts and about 800 job losses.

Last month, a Supreme Court judge ruled out paragraphs of Mr Palmer's claim against Mr Turnbull in which he alleges the Prime Minister labelled his role in the collapse of the company as "disgraceful" during a press conference in China.

Mr Turnbull's lawyers had argued if the paragraphs were to remain, Mr Palmer would need to call expert evidence about defamation laws in China.

In paperwork lodged in the Court of Appeal today, lawyer Sam Iskander alleges that despite the order being given on June 5, a copy of it was not provided to the Palmer parties until July 3.

"A copy of the order was not served upon the applicant and its terms, as opposed to its effect, were not known until it was served," it is claimed in the appeal.

"(The strike-out order) requires the applicant to re-plead…. so as to plead foreign law in circumstances where the applicant should not be required to do so…"

A date has not been set for the appeal at this stage.

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