Oz Day’s a fine celebration, now for Rob and Ranga days?

OVER the past few days we've been celebrating Australia Day. A day when we come together in red, white and blue clothes and blow up thongs all in the name of having a celebration.

I know there were activities all over the district like Agnes Water, Builyan, Turkey Beach and the Gladstone Marina Parklands where I was.

Sunday was a full day of lamingtons, pies, three-legged races, music, artists, Speedos, Zinc cream and fireworks to wrap it all up!

What a day we had with all the national anthems going on! I had a ball and I hope you did too.

There are still some people who don't like the fact that it's called Australia Day.

Some actually want it changed to Invasion Day or the like, which I think does more to divide this great country that actually unite it.

I mean, really, Australia Day celebrates the fact we are who we are.

It's not forgetting our past, it's a celebration of the past 200 years of ourselves as a nation and I think we should be proud.

Remember it's just one of the many public holidays we have throughout the year (yes I know the public holiday was yesterday).

There's the Queen's Birthday, we have Anzac Day, Labour Day, Show Day, Xmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day, and more if I've missed any.

Wouldn't you like to increase it to have some more?

Perhaps have a national rostered day off day?

Instead of just a certain few having these days like council or the port, why can't we share it around everywhere?

Perhaps a supermarket RDO Day when all the supermarkets shut for the day when everyone else is open.

I like the idea of all the car dealers having a day off to get together and have a key party to celebrate what they do.

That I'm sure would be one party a certain few from the island would love to go to!

What about having a day off for all the ginger heads in town?

Imagine all the redheads getting together at the marina for a spot of cricket and a barbecue?

That'd be great, although you'd need a tonne of sunblock and a massive marquee to keep them all out of the sun.

When you look at it, days off are just an excuse to spend time with the family instead of going to work.

When the next one rolls around, how about marking it with the respect it deserves and celebrating its true meaning?

Bring on Rob Kidd Public Holiday Day. I'm all for it!

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