OVERGROWN: The council will take action if the weeds and grass are not cleared from this home.
OVERGROWN: The council will take action if the weeds and grass are not cleared from this home. Chris Lees

Overgrown property at West Gladstone receives stern notice

A PROPERTY is so overgrown Gladstone Regional Council will mow the land and charge the costs back to the owners if nothing is done.

The council issued a public notice in today's Gladstone Observer to the owners of 23 Paterson St, West Gladstone instructing them to mow all grass and weeds and brush-cut the boundary fence lines on the property by July 21.

The notice says the owners are from the estate of the late Elaine May Manuel.

If the block is not tidied up by July 21, the council will enter the property to do the work and the costs will be recovered as debt from the owners.

According to a council fact sheet, an overgrown property can be both a nuisance and a danger to neighbours and the community.

"Please note that all residents have a responsibility to keep their properties neat and tidy to improve the appearance of our community, remove places for vermin to breed, and reduce health risks," the information says.

"Overgrown land is associated with a number of problems within our community which, if left unnoticed, are potentially disastrous."

The council defines "overgrown" as vegetation (grass) that affects the visual amenity of the allotment (more than 0.4 metres in height), is likely to attract reptiles or vermin or is deemed a fire hazard.

The council has not been able to contact the owners, and is asking is if any family or people have any information to contact them to discuss the problem.

Phone the council's Local Law Enforcement Office on 4977 6821 for information.

What can you do about overgrown lawns?

According to the council, in most cases the best way to resolve issues regarding overgrown or unsightly properties is through polite and productive communication between yourself and the property owner.

If this proves ineffective, you can report the problem to the council by phoning 4977 6821.

  • When the council receives a complaint about overgrown vacant land or neglected dwellings, a local laws enforcement officer will inspect the property and if necessary make arrangements for the property to be cleared.
  • The council will only accept requests where a customer/informant is a directly affected person or a representative of a directly affected person.
  • The council must give due notice to the land's owner to remedy the breach. If no action has been taken when relevant time periods lapse, the council will issue an Enter and Clear notice to its subcontractors to tidy up the property.
  • These costs are invoiced to the property owner for payment. Additional penalties may apply if the owner has a history of non-compliance.

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