Chris Trevor, councillor candidate 2016
Chris Trevor, councillor candidate 2016

'Outrageous situation': Deputy mayor wants action

THE problems at Round Hill Creek are "an outrageous situation" according to Gladstone Region deputy mayor, Chris Trevor.

"There's no point in dredging it because all dredging does is it just fills back in, so we need a sand push," he said.

"We need a simple and inexpensive way in which to deepen Round Hill Creek."

Cr Trevor said fixing the problem should not be put on local government and ratepayers.

"We want the State or Federal Government to stump up the money and clear the way with the approvals so we can expedite this as a matter or urgency," he said.

"We need to get this done."

Cr Trevor said from both tourism and safety view points, access was seriously limiting.

Like Volunteer Marine Rescue Round Hill, Cr Trevor said if the conditions were not right, rescue attempts could not be undertaken.

"It's a critically important necessity that needs to be undertaken by someone, so that we can facilitate a safe and quick rescue in the event of an incident at sea," he said.

The deputy mayor also said tourism was suffering because of the problems at Round Hill Creek.

"What is critically important is we need to get passengers to the reef, from an economic stimulus point of view for Agnes Water and Seventeen Seventy.

"The domestic and international visitors, apart from school holidays, have stopped coming because they can't have a Great Barrier Reef experience without any uncertainty."

In August, Gladstone Regional Council funded a $100,000 study and design plan into dredging Round Hill Creek.

It's believed the report is in its final stages, and the estimate to do a "sand push" would be between $350-$400,000.

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