Fish frames and empty beer bottles have been dumped near Wild Cattle Creek.
Fish frames and empty beer bottles have been dumped near Wild Cattle Creek. Nick Kossatch

'Out of towners' blamed for dumped fish frames, beer bottles

"BLOW ins" with no respect for the region have been blamed for the piles of fish frames and empty beer bottles dumped near Wild Cattle Creek boat ramp.

Recreational fisherman Bernie Pershouse said he had seen similar piles of waste dumped near the Calliope River at Benaraby after the Boyne Tannum HookUp.

Mr Pershouse, a resident at Benaraby caravan park, said the fish looked undersize in the photos taken of the waste left behind at Tannum Sands.

"I'm 99 per cent sure they're out of towners and they're probably the same people who have dumped this at Benaraby the past few years," he said.

Mr Pershouse said there needed to be stricter policing on the water during the fishing competition, to stave off people drinking alcohol while boating and keeping undersized fish.

It is believed the rubbish was dumped on Monday. It was seen by walkers on Tuesday morning.

Gladstone Region Mayor Matt Burnett said while it was unlikely there would be an investigation into who dumped the bottles and fish frames due to a lack of evidence, it could lead to more education around fishing waste.

"As there are a significant number of fish bodies included within the waste, it is likely internally there will be discussions between the Conservation and Regulatory Services teams to determine if there is a need to conduct community educations regarding what to do with fish bodies and if there are any concerns regarding the number of bodies," Cr Burnett said.

"Additionally, the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries will be advised to confirm if they are aware of the matter and if there have been any breaches under the legislation they oversee."

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