The Auckland St and Herbert St intersection.
The Auckland St and Herbert St intersection. Andrew Backhouse

Our worst intersections and what is being done

THEY'RE dangerous, congested and driving us to despair.

Gladstone residents have revealed the region's worst intersections and they are fed up.

A number of residents have expressed concerns about congestion, a lack of vision, and poor infrastructure but others think driving in Gladstone is painless.

Gladstone Regional Council is well aware of the problem, fielding customer service calls from residents, while the Transport and Main Roads department has put efforts into improving the Kin Kora roundabout.

GRC Engineering Services portfolio spokesperson councillor Rick Hansen said the council had acknowledged that "some of the intersections are, with the level of population increasing in town, feeling the pinch".

"We're looking at them now and we're doing studies on a few of them to get them to next stage," he said.

"If we're looking at doing an intersection we want do it right.

"We don't want to come back and do it again in 20 years time.

He said there was work required on roads every day in every area of the region.

Cr Hansen said residents in the region are in contact with the council over concerns about intersections.

"We get them though the customer service request system," he said.

"All requests are answered, we measure our progress and there is a time limit in place to respond to the request."

He said the council supported Transport and Main Roads' decision to upgrade the Kin Kora roundabout.

A Transport and Main Roads spokesperson said the safety of every road user was its top priority, and every death was a tragedy.

"We work closely with Queensland Police and Emergency Services while they investigate the causes of crashes on our roads," the spokesperson said.

Gladstone resident David Williams didn't agree with the complaints.

"It is easy here compared to almost any intersection in Brisbane," he said.

Driving us up the wall

  • Residents rate Kin Kora roundabout as the worst
  • Intersections off Auckland St, Glenlyon Rd and Dawson Hwy are big offenders
  • Gladstone Police say many accidents occur at the Auckland St and Herbert St intersection
  • Residents say a lack of driver etiquette and inattention is a major factor in crashes

Check twice, go once at crossings

PATIENCE is a virtue when it comes to navigating intersections in Gladstone.

Gladstone Police Acting Senior Sgt Wayne Butcher said patience and decisiveness were the keys to avoiding accidents while driving in Gladstone.

"A general rule is to always look twice and go once," Sgt Butcher said.

"If you're going to go, make sure the intersection is clear and that you're committed to going.

"The problem is people go and then stop, the oncoming vehicle swerves and that's when accidents happen."

He said the Philip St carpark intersection was the worst in Gladstone by far, but the introduction of lights had reduced the number of accidents to zero.

"Police will be actively patrolling in marked and unmarked cars to make sure everyone is dong the right thing," he said.

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