Harry Cooper and Malcom Moore fishing at Inskip point
Harry Cooper and Malcom Moore fishing at Inskip point

Our top hidden gems for beach fishing in Queensland

1 Inskip Point/ Double Island Point

GPS: -25.814248,153.064383

How to get there: Four-wheel drives can take the ferry from Tewantin and drive up the beach, or head to Rainbow Beach via Gympie on the asphalt if preferred.

Why it's great: A real wilderness holiday spot here with the Great Sandy National Park at your back and vast beach and ocean in front. You can fish both Inskip and Double Island Point and make a good day trip of it and be rewarded with a huge variety of fish species. You can camp on the beach here and have a real family trip away.

Tips: Use fresh bait such as mullet - or worms and pipi can be found in the sand here easily. Target the gutters and you'll find tailor, jewfish and big bream especially in winter, while year round you can expect whiting, dart and flathead.

Watch out for: The 4x4s on the beach. The sand is a road here, so make sure everyone is aware of moving vehicles in the vicinity.

2 Grasstree, Campwin and Sarina beaches

GPS: -21.387336,149.2799923

Three adjacent holiday beaches about 40km south of Mackay.

Why they're great: These beaches offer a range of fishing, from beach and rock to inlet.

Tips: The boat ramp at Sarina Beach gives easy access to Sarina Inlet, which is a good spot for crabbing and fishing. The beaches are great for fishing and swimming.

3 Toogoom beach

GPS: -25.2590028,152.6913088

How to get there: Turn off the Hervey Bay-Burrum Heads Rd at the Toogoom sign. Or from the Bruce Hwy, take the Torbanlea exit and follow the signs - watch out for the sharp left on to Old Toogoom Rd. 

Why it's great: This growing satellite town 20 minutes from Hervey Bay has a name that means "resting place" and still lives up to that name. Beelbi Creek and its mangroves combine to create an attractive place for fish - and for families who flock to the annual Toogoom Family Fishing Competition.

Tips: Talk to a local about what's biting where - there's usually someone wetting a line on the beach near the creek.

Get the kids pumping for yabbies. At low tide, take the opportunity to walk out - way out - onto the sand flats.

If you don't catch a feed, relax with a meal and a drink at Goodies on the Beach or the Salty Squid Cafe (formerly the famous Moreton St Bakery)

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