How to meet women without having to go to the pub

NATHAN emailed and asked: As I rarely go to the pub or clubbing anymore these days, where would be the best place to meet women for a potential relationship (without it feeling too awkward)?

Gladstone is going through a single-female drought. Ever since the mining boom, it has become brutal for the lonely man to meet his mate without having to beat off a pride of challengers.

Not to mention, ladies have become cold because they can't have a girl's night out without being harassed by men who only seem interested in football, sex and getting drunk; which makes it even harder for the single stag to approach. So how does the non-drinker meet his mate?

Fear not. In today's world, there are a few options for Gladstone men to meet someone outside of pubs and clubs.

Fitness clubs: CrossFit, for example, is the new trend for men and women to get fit and meet new people.

One of the CrossFit junkies at work said she wouldn't mind if a man approached her during the sweaty madness.

Often in these groups you have to pair up for activities, which is a great way to break the ice.

The Gladstone Observer's Man About Town.
The Gladstone Observer's Man About Town.

Internet dating: Internet dating is no longer a tool used for the desperate. Browse profiles of single women in your area for free.

This can save you time working out if that potential partner is compatible.

Social gatherings: Whether it is work-dos or dinner parties, they are a great place to meet someone special. If you don't know of any parties, plan one of your own and tell your friends to invite some single people.

Grocery shopping: Okay, I admit, this isn't easy. The shopping aisle approach takes confidence, tact and skill and isn't for everyone.

Avoid the cheesy breakfast pick-up lines and try to be as genuine as possible. After a short conversation, ask her if she would like to join you for a coffee after she does her shopping?

Take the chance; she might be flattered you approached her.

Most of the time it is up to us men to face the rejection monster.

According to Men's Health Magazine, men initiate 80% of encounters. If you are sitting around waiting for Miss Right to approach you, you will be waiting a long time.

Next time you make that eye contact with that special someone (wherever you might be), strike up a conversation. It could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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