Opposition: Finance Minister Mathias Cormann 'a d---head'

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann described Opposition Leader Bill Shorten as an
Finance Minister Mathias Cormann described Opposition Leader Bill Shorten as an "economic girlie-man" then went on to say it was not to be taken as a sexist remark. AAP Image - Tracey Nearmy

WHILE the Federal Opposition appears content playing happy families with the Abbott Government on some matters -- military action in Iraq for one -- one Shadow Minster still knows how to call a spade a spade.

Following Finance Minister Mathias Cormann's bizarre description of Opposition Leader Bill Shorten as an "economic girlie man", Opposition employment spokesman Brendan O'Connor was a little clearer in his attack.

Appearing on Sky News, Mr O'Connor was asked whether the Minister's 'girlie man' comment was accurate, if ill-advised. Mr O'Connor said Cormann sounded "like a bit of a dill".

When asked if it was a fair comment by Cormann given the Opposition was attacking the government's budget without putting up its own plan to save money, O'Connor was direct.

"I'm just saying a Finance Minister of Australia doesn't have to sound like a d---head if he wants to make a point.

"There are economic challenges for the country, no doubt about it.

"And that's why the Opposition indeed has put up savings".

O'Connor then described the government's Paid Parental Leave as "an expensive waste of time".

The Shadow Minister is later asked if he's attempting to create a distraction from the key issues by attacking Cormann.

"The fact is the Finance Minister of this nation has decided to self-parody.

"That's his choice but he should understand he's a senior cabinet minister, who has at his disposal the Finance Department, who should be making the significant decisions in that area rather than making these sort of ridiculous comments. The ones he's chosen to make just to get a cheap headline."

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