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OPINION: Simple fix to Showground's tragedy waiting to happen

FOR the past week or so I've been writing about the situation at the Gladstone Showgrounds.

It's a valuable piece of land, sitting virtually in the centre of town, with untapped potential.

Gladstone Show Society is the trustee of the land and as long as it remains financially viable, it calls the shots.

On the other hand, there's been a lot of discussion, particularly by deputy mayor Chris Trevor about a grand vision to use the land for a sporting arena suitable for national and international events, a sports centre of excellence and even an aged care centre.

A grand vision certainly and one that has the ability to bring much to Gladstone's culture and not to mention Gladstone's coffers.

But without either the co-operation or the collapse of the show society, it's just a dream.

Today the society announced a plan to work with CEEDA (page 3) on a five-year plan that could have both the continuation of the Gladstone Show and a redevelopment of the showgrounds.

It's a very good move forward.

But at the heart of the issues between the show society and the council lies a very big problem that is very simply fixed.

The parking situation at the hockey fields is a tragedy waiting to happen.

It's time the show society allowed a very sensible move which has been put forward by the council to happen.

The council has offered to pay any out-of-pocket expenses to allow sporting traffic to drive through the Tank St entrance down to the hockey fields.

It's been going on for way too long and the mayor has had enough. I agree with him that it has to be sorted and now.

The council has written to the State Government to intervene and with children's lives at risk I am at a loss to understand why, three months later, they are still waiting for a response.

Why is beyond me!

Christine McKee

Deputy Editor

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