Bruce and Denise Morcombe spreading their safety message at a school.
Bruce and Denise Morcombe spreading their safety message at a school. Robyne Cuerel

OPINION: It's time for Morcombe critics to move on

IT seems incredible that people can hate Bruce and Denise Morcombe with such a passion.

Keyboard warriors, many of whom have never done a thing for anyone in their lives, seem to think their mission in life is to bring the Sunshine Coast's 'tall poppies down'.

It's a phenomenon that has become even uglier since the advent of online media, and particularly Facebook.

The latest row over plans for a Daniel Morcombe movie is just an extension of the growing tide of people who say they have had enough of hearing about the Morcombes.

WATCH: Daniel Morcombe movie deal announced

If the Morcombes were about themselves, and making money, fair enough.

But get to know them, as I have, since the day Daniel disappeared, and you know that nothing could be further from the truth.

Bruce and Denise would love to go away, would love to fade into the background, and never be in a headline again.

But while there are thousands of child predators in our communities, not to mention naïve parents who wouldn't have a clue what their kids are up to, the Morcombes have a job to do.

Sure a movie about Daniel Morcombe will be dark and confronting.

But it's a story that deserves to be told to a global audience, especially if it saves future children from going through what Daniel did.

Those who don't like the idea of the movie don't have to see it.

But they should have the decency not to resort to cheap jibes about the Morcombes' trying to cash in on Daniel's death.

Bruce and Denise have poured their lives into helping other children. They have moved on, let's hope their critics do as well.

Mark Furler is Australian Regional Media's group digital editor. He was editor in chief for the Sunshine Coast Daily when it won PANPA Newspaper of the Year partly for its coverage of the search for Daniel Morcombe. 

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