WE ALL know the saying: what's old is new again.

But when it comes to Gladstone op shops, sometimes what's new is suddenly old.

Gladstone op shops have reported a significant influx in donations over the last 12 months.

Some is brand new, price tags and all.

One of the managers at 'This 'N' That' secondhand store Chay Kendrick said people would be surprised at how many new clothes get donated.

"It's happening more often. We get clothes with $100 or $200 price tags on them and we sell them for half price and under."

So if you're looking for a bargain, Gladstone for once seems the right place to be.

There are sales galore in Gladstone op shops thanks to the donation burst.

Ms Kendrick said one woman bought $70 worth of 50 cent items during a sale in April.

Horror Stories

You would be surprised what op shops pull out of their donation bins.

According to 'This 'N' That' staff, people use charity bins as a dumping ground.

Secondhand stores in Gladstone never know what they will find.

In the past they have encountered:

  • Dirty nappies
  • Food scraps
  • Rotting frozen fish fingers
  • Decomposing animals
  • Half empty alcohol bottles

Gladstone Op shops urge: If you wouldn't wear it, don't give it to us.

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