One tip that will save a person's life after a snake bite

THE STATE'S chief paramedic has offered advice that may mean the difference between life and death after a snake bite.

The advice, from Central Queensland Chief Superintendent Steven Coombs, came with a warning to central Queenslander's to watch out for venomous snakes, with the number of bites soaring.

New figures reveal the region's paramedics had already been called to a whopping 50 snake bites this year.

It's 10 per cent of the more than 500 snake bites across Queensland.  

He told locals across the region to be particularly careful of the notorious Red-bellied black snake and Eastern Brown.

"All are capable of delivering a lethal bite," he warned.

Snake catcher Dave Beck took this photo of an unhappy brown snake while in Kilkivan.
Snake catcher Dave Beck took this photo of an unhappy brown snake while in Kilkivan.

He said if a bite does occur don't wash around it, as medical personnel may need to identify what type of anti-venom is needed.

"Keep the patient as calm as possible to reduce the spread of venom," he said.

"A snake bit can be fatal so always call triple zero immediately.

"Don't wash the wound, as the hospital may need to test the area to identify the snake."

"Bandage over the snake bite firmly, then work up the limb, starting at the extremities (fingers and toes) and splint the limb to keep it straight."

He also told locals that there a number of measures they can undertake to minimise the risk of a bite. 

WATCH | Brown snake attacks camera 



"If you're cleaning up your property, be careful shifting timber, iron sheeting or similar materials as snakes can be lingering nearby," he said.   

"Also avoid walking through long grass, but if you have to, wear enclosed shoes and long pants and carry a compression bandage with you.  

"Make your property less attractive to snakes by disposing of food properly, including pet food, and keeping animal enclosures such as aviaries clean to prevent rodents such as mice and rats."  

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