One dead, 7 missing in US pipeline blast

A regional gas pipeline has ruptured in the US state of Kentucky, causing a massive explosion that killed one person, hospitalised five others and destroyed railway tracks.

It also forced the evacuation of 75 residents from a nearby mobile home park early on Thursday.

Some structures were completely consumed by the blaze, and five to seven people were unaccounted for when firefighters extinguished the flames hours later, Lincoln County Emergency Management Director Don Gilliam said.

"The part of the area that has been compromised, there's just nothing left," Gilliam said when asked whether residents might return to their trailer homes.

"The residences that are still standing or damaged will be accessible. There doesn't really look like there's any in-between back there. They're either destroyed or they're still standing."

The 76-centimetre wide pipeline moves natural gas under such high pressure that the flames reached about 91 metres in the air and could be seen throughout the county, he said.

The explosion around 1am on Thursday was so huge that it showed up on radar, according to a tweet from WKYT-TV meteorologist Chris Bailey.

It took hours for firefighters to douse the flames, with trucks repeatedly refilling their tanks and returning to the scene.

Nearby residents said they were awakened by the initial blast.

Emergency managers said the rupture involved the Texas Eastern Transmission pipeline, which is owned and operated by Enbridge. The pipeline stretches more than 14,500km from the Mexican border in Texas to New York City.

The blast also damaged railway tracks, forcing 31 trains to back up overnight, authorities said.

Gilliam encouraged anyone who fled the scene and hasn't been accounted for to check in at the church. Authorities also urged people gathering for the multistate 127 Yard Sale to stay away as crews worked to contain the damage.

Gilliam said residents whose homes are still standing should be allowed back in later in the day.

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