One bite, one punch, one jail cell for this Calliope dad

SUBJECT to a Domestic Violence Order was not enough to stop an angry Calliope dad biting, punching and slapping his girlfriend.

Despite the couple doing relationship counselling in an attempt to save their two year relationship, the 33-year-old man will serve a minimum four weeks jail time.

Gladstone magistrate Jason Schubert jailed him for three months after he pleaded guilty to contravening a Domestic Violence Order, making an order that he serve one month then be released.

However, he will remain under supervision of Corrective Services for 18 months.

Mr Schubert said domestic violence had become a topical issue with moves underway to increase the penalties for such offences.

He said it was also his second breach of an AVO.

"It was a violent, protracted breach of the Order. Aggravated by the fact he appeared in court three days after this for a breach," he said.

"That matter was not at the lower end of the scale either."

Police prosecutor Mark Fenlon told Gladstone Magistrates Court the man smashed her mobile phone, damaged a chair and yelled in her face then punched her in the face.

He then slapped the woman, bit her on the hand and threw her to the ground in a violent episode at 10.30pm on August 21. In fear she used her feet to barricade the door of a bedroom where she had gone with a child.

Mr Fenlon said the man used a knife to gain entry to the bedroom before throwing the knife into a wall, the woman running screaming from the house to get help.

After being called to the scene police found the man in his car driving on the Dawson Highway.

He also pleaded guilty to drink driving after he blew .132, nearly three times the legal limit.

The man told police he drank four glasses of red wine from a cask.

Defence lawyer Jun Pepito said the pair had been in a relationship two years and some family tension on the day although it did not excuse his behaviour. "The problem is when he drinks alcohol in excess it changes his behaviour," Mr Pepito said.

He said the man knew this was his last chance to change his behaviour but wanted to taken genuine steps though counselling with Relationships Australia.

"This is a serious offence," Mr Schubert said when sentencing him. "Domestic violence is of serious concern to our society." He said he must impose a sentence that would deter him and others because the community denounces such violence.

For the drink drive offence the man was fined $700 and disqualified from driving for seven months.



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