On this day: Plane drops first parcels in main street

August 20

1898: Mrs Boles, mother of the member for Port Curtis, died in the hospital here last night.

She was one of the oldest identities of the district. Flags are flying at half-mast.

1920: Lieutenant Parer's aeroplane was the first heard over Gladstone, but Captain Snell was the first aviator to deliver messages and parcels, which were duly delivered to the public and business men in the town yesterday.

This peace loan aeroplane attracted general attention, and Captain Snell and Mr Buss of Bundaberg, who accompanied the aviator as passenger, were welcomed by the mayor and townspeople.

The machine circled several times over the town, and dropped the first parcel in the main street.

The machine then reached the bottom of Mount Larcom Peak, and spectacularly ascended the side of the mountain, flying back at a low altitude.

The aeroplane landed on a large mudflat between the town and the meatworks.

1928: The four Royal Air Force Supermarine flying boats hove into sight a couple of minutes past 10.30am on Saturday and made a graceful landing on the harbour, which was as smooth as a mill pond.

Much disappointment was felt by Rockhampton residents that the Super-marine flying boats did not pass over the city.

They passed Yeppoon about a mile out to sea.

Ride packs a punch for girls

Ride packs a punch for girls

It was a good ride, everyone went well and safely made it back

Skate park demolition starts today at Boyne

Skate park demolition starts today at Boyne

New mini bowl, quarter pipes to be built at Boyne.

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