From backpacker to property builder: Jenny Old's tell-all

I HAVE just published a book telling of 18 years of my early married life in the Gulf country of North Queensland, developing a cattle property from scratch.

What made it most difficult was the distance.

There was no telephone or television and the roads were impassable when it rained.

It was just a bare block of land and we had to build everything that was on it from scratch.

Most people think I'm mad and ask why I would do such a thing.

I did it because I fell in love with my husband.

I went overseas for 12 months and he invited me to his property when I returned.

That's when he proposed and our journey started.

Oh god, I worked hard.

There would be days though where I would think, 'Oh god, what am I doing?'.

He gave me this beautiful wire ring that he made while fencing but now there's a diamond in it.

I was still looking for adventure so I just jumped at it.

This book does mean a lot to me because it represents such a huge piece of my life.

We had a mail service that ran one day a week so to keep in contact with our families I would write letters every week to my mum and Rick's mum.

They kept the letters for all these years.

So that's what I've used as a timeline, to piece together all the events for my book.

I will be at the Gladstone Library at 10am on Friday May 20.

I would love to meet you and share my story.



I had an adventure. A wonderful and life changing adventure. For 18 years, my husband and I lived in the Gulf Country of Far North Queensland on a property called McAllister We started with nothing.

We lived in a shed while we built our home brick by brick. I created a garden from scratch.

We took a lump of virgin land in the middle of no-where, and turned it into a thriving cattle property.

I was 22 years old, young and in love!

I never regretted the hardship, the absence of even basic necessities which I have always taken for granted.

My 18 years in the Gulf formed the person I am today.

I pride myself on the fact that now I can take on any challenge that confronts me, and there have been a few!!

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