THERE'S nothing local motor enthusiast and collector Kev McLachlan loves more than hearing an engine roar.

The father-of-two said he's only recently gotten back into buying and restoring old cars.

"My first ever car was a 1965 Holden HD," he said.

"Ever since then I've loved old-school cars but it wasn't until Gladstone started a club back up six months ago that I got back into collecting."

Kev's collection doesn't just include the HD. His garage houses more than five vintage models that he classifies as his pride and joy.

But finding these old beauties is quite a challenge.

"I bought my latest blue baby three months ago, but it took at least six months to find," he said.

"It honestly was the only one in Queensland I found worth buying.

"I ended up finding it down on the Sunshine Coast and drove it up from Caloundra to Gympie."

Kev said part of the reason he loves to collect cars is that it brings the family all together.

"It's a real family atmosphere when we're all involved with the car," he said.

"My youngest, Kody, 10, has been happy to give it a wash and I'm sure as he gets older he'll be really into these cars.

"My daughter Kaitlin, 16, though, has just got her learners but is too scared to drive dad's cars at this stage."

But no-one loves the beasts as much as Kev who admitted it was the lifestyle that went along with owning them that he enjoyed.

"I just love driving, and with one arm out the window, it doesn't get much better," he said.

Family friend, Dylan Pink, 20, reckons Kev's hobby is great.

"It's so good, but also really expensive to get into and maintain," he said.

Kev said this is just the start of his now growing collection.

"If I find one better or just one that takes my fancy I probably get it," he said.

"My plans are to work on the cars I already have though, they're already on gas so that's done but I want to put a turbo engine in them and new steering wheels and bits.

"I like working on my own engines and doing a bit of body work too."



The term "vintage" refers specifically to automobiles manufactured during the vintage era beginning in 1919. Starting just after the First World War, this period of automobile production saw a marked increase in comfort, such as closed-bodied cars with heat and standardized controls, and affordability due to new production line methods. According to some collectors, the beginning of the classic car era in 1925 marked the end of the vintage era but others debate it lasted through the 1920s.

Popular vintage car models include:


  • Ford Model A
  • Bugatti Royale
  • Cadillac V-16
  • Austin 7

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