A GLADSTONE mum is at breaking point after wilful damage continues to be inflicted on her family's vehicle.

Mum of two Jessica Vock is now considering leaving town to get away from vandals who have targeted her green SV6 Commodore seven times since 2011.

The most recent incident occurred on Monday night when offensive comments were scratched onto the vehicle's bonnet.

Ms Vock's said her car has also been knifed, scratched and had a headlight smashed in.

"This has been going on for too long," she said

"We just want our lives back," she said.

Ms Vock said she has reported all seven incidents to the Gladstone Police.

"The police said they need a witness or someone who has seen something," she said.

"If anyone has seen anything can you please contact the Gladstone Police."

Ms Vock said the attacks have caused emotional and financial strain on her family.

"It's costing so much to fix all the time," she said.

"Just to fix the back which has had the paint scratched off will cost $2500."

In a bid to catch out the offenders, Jessica has installed security cameras on the outside of her home and in the back of her car.

"That cost me nearly $1000," she said.

"I don't know how much more I can spend to stop this happening."

The relentless attacks are beginning to take a toll on everyday life.

"My car isn't safe anywhere," she said.

"I've been targeted at the shops and at the gym," she said.

"I now do my shopping at Kirkwood Road in the hope it won't get vandalised there," she said.

Ms Vock said she wants her attackers to face up.

"They do it when I'm asleep or at the gym," she said.

"If people have problems they should come to your face about it."

Ms Vock said she has even considered leaving town.

"I shouldn't have to move from my home, where I've lived all my life, where all my friends and family are," she said.

Ms Vock said she doesn't know why she's being targeted.

"They obviously have an issue with me but they can't come to my face."

"I need it sorted out," she said.

Relentless Attack

  • Since 2011, Jessica Vock's car has been vandalised seven times.
  • The car has been scratched, knifed and incurred damaged to its lights.
  • Have you seen anything? Please contact the Gladstone Police.

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