'Off the rails': Drug test sends Gladstone woman to jail

FILE PHOTO: Drug testing - urine sample.
FILE PHOTO: Drug testing - urine sample. Shutterstock

A GLADSTONE woman trapped within the confines of a crippling ice addiction will be behind bars for the next 15 months.

Kylie Lianne Stevens pleaded guilty at Gladstone Magistrates Court to six charges including two counts of possessing dangerous drugs, namely meth and cannabis and two breaches of bail.

The court was told during a search warrant of her car executed by police, officers found 11.6 grams of cannabis and 1.7 grams of meth.

Officers also found three pipes - one glass and two metal - as well as one water pipe.

Inside a bag, which Stevens admitted was hers, officers found a grinder, a straw and a syringe.

Police prosecutor Gavin Reece said these offences occurred on June 29, Stevens was arrested and released on bail.

However she breached her bail twice by failing to report to the police station.

On August 1 the 31-year-old returned a dirty urine sample, breaking a condition of her bail.

The court was told Stevens was on parole at the time of offending, and was sent back into custody to serve out her sentence.

Earlier in the year she was sentenced to prison on drug supply charges.

Defence lawyer Jun Pepito said his client only became involved in drugs through a previous relationship.

"She relapsed,” he said.

Gladstone Magistrate Melanie Ho noted the woman was still young and tragic circumstances had sent her off the rails.

She sentenced the woman to a one-month term of imprisonment to be served alongside her current sentence of 15 months.

She was placed on a two year probation, which will continue to run after she is released.

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