Obama invites allies to counter terrorism meeting

THE United States has invited its allies to meet next month to discuss ways of combating extremist terrorism that is plaguing Western nations.

In a statement on Monday, US President Barack Obama said recent terrorist attacks in Sydney, Ottawa and Paris had provided the motivating force behind the summit.

The Australian Government indicated to Sky News that the invitation was under consideration and the summit was something Australia would more than likely attend.

It is understood either Attorney-General George Brandis or Foreign Minister Julie Bishop would represent Australia at the summit scheduled for February 18.

US Attorney-General Eric Holder told international media in Paris that the summit was critical in the ongoing fight against "lone wolf" terrorism worldwide.

He said the summit would aim to highlight American and international efforts to prevent violent extremists and supporters from radicalising, recruiting or inspiring individuals or groups to carry out further attacks.

"One nation cannot by itself hope to forestall the possibility of terrorism even within its own borders," Mr Holder said.

"There is a greater need to share information; to knock down these information-sharing barriers so that we can always stay on top of these threats."


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