YOUR REACTION: Which flags should be at Anzac service?

AFTER years of flying three Australian flags at the Gladstone Anzac Day services, branch members of the RSL will meet this week to discuss which flags they'll hoist next year.

>> YESTERDAY: Kiwis disappointed NZ flag was missing from Gladstone Anzac Day service

There were record crowds at most services across the Gladstone region on Saturday, including in the city, but our social networkers were hot at the keyboard about whether or not the New Zealand and Aboriginal flags should be flying alongside the Australian flag.

Which flags would you like to see flying on these flag poles next Anzac Day?
Which flags would you like to see flying on these flag poles next Anzac Day? Paul Braven


Carole Allan: Considering that New Zealand helps make up the word ANZAC why wasn't the flag flying proudly with the Australian one?

Greg Watkins: I'm a Kiwi but it didn't take away from an awesome service. Maybe next year, and we can incorporate a "Haka" as well.

Janice Robinson: Mt Larcom had all flags flying!!

Bev Miskin: I agree...good to see they are going to do something about it.

David Weir: So the NZ flag should be flown in every town and backwater on ANZAC Day?? Do the Kiwis fly ours everywhere? Don't think so!

Dan Fleetwood: Would be interested to know how many Aussie flags were flying in NZ?

Taya McTighe: Calliope had the NZ flag flying

Pamela Prince: Consider bringing their own?

Donna Carter: NZ flag wasn't flown at the Weipa dawn service either.

Hayley Pinel: ...I too do not understand why it's not flown at the services. Seems odd. Particularly as there is the Queensland, Australian and New Zealand flags all flying high together at the newly erected flag posts near Bob Jane T-Marts intersection.

Grant William Nichols: That's pretty disappointing, NZ flag should've been there.

Wendy Roscoe: Good point NZers. Why wasn't there a NZ flag in Gladstone? After all, isn't ANZAC Australia and New Zealand Army Corp? I think this is a very thoughtless act to ALL NZ ANZACS. And NO, I am not a kiwi. I wonder how many years they have been getting away with this for?

Tarlia Smith: Didn't see any Aboriginal flag either and many Aboriginal people were ANZACs.

Colleen Keogh: Awesome to see the Benaraby drags have both Australian and New Zealand flags out on the track yesterday. Lest We Forget.

Dianne Daniels: This is a point that has been brought up before in this town so there are no excuses. My grandfather fought for Australia at Gallipoli and my father fought for NZ for six years in the WWII...

Lorraine Givney: NZ flag should have been there... Anthem included in any Anzac ceremony where Aussie anthem is included.

Justin Nye: Boyne Island services had both!

Denise Chapman: Yes, being NZ born I also wondered why, when there was 3 Aussie ones, and ANZAC is Australian New Zealand Army Corps.

Angelina Taylor: We have a lot of people from New Zealand living in our community who have every right to pay their respects and celebrate their countrymen and women on this special day as well, without a doubt their flag should fly as well. Sure when it comes to the f...See More

Annette Felix: Oops.

Esther Frisch Scott: Does NZ fly the Australian flag?

But he admitted, this year, for the first time he had been asked where the flag from across the Tasman was.

"That's the thing we need to address," he said. "The council brought it up (with the RSL) a few days prior but it was not possible to make arrangements in that time.

"With two days to go I wasn't prepared to start buggerising around with what flags to have because we couldn't have two Australian and one New Zealand.

"We always have one (New Zealand flag) at the front of the parade but we will look into having one next year because the flag poles are important."

New Zealander John Harris has lived in Gladstone for 18 years, and regularly attends the Anzac Day dawn service, but he said he was left bitterly disappointed his flag wasn't there. .

The New Zealand flag should have been flying this Anzac Day, he said, to recognise the joint effort, and the camaraderie between the Australian and New Zealand troops. "It was disappointing not the see the flag there on one of the three flag poles," he said.

"When we got home we turned on the tele and saw the New Zealand flag in a service in Alice Springs. If they can have it there in the middle of nowhere, we can certainly have one here in Gladstone. (Australians and New Zealanders) fought alongside each other and what happened 100 years ago created both our identities," he said.

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