NSW police divers enter lake in search of teen's body

NSW Police divers who are capable of going 20m deeper than their Queensland counterparts have entered Aqua Lake.

The search for the body of drowned Ipswich teenager Duncan Wilmott continues this morning.

Duncan drowned on January 25 after jumping into the lake near Collingwood Park.

Inspector Michael Ede said the NSW police divers were capable of searching to a depth of 50m.

The divers have brought a decompression chamber with them, helping them cope with the hazards of going to such depths.

"They arrived yesterday and did some diving around the 30m mark just to double check the previous search area covered by Queensland police divers," Insp Ede said.

"They will go deeper today but due to the depths, they will have less time down there."

The efforts will continue for three days, with police to reassess the recovery mission again if Duncan's body isn't found by Friday.

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