Cane Murphy with a nice trout from the Swains last week.
Cane Murphy with a nice trout from the Swains last week. Contributed

Weather nearly perfect for those who want to wet a line

FOR me there are almost no better months to wet a line than late June and throughout July, August and September.

These are the months when the weather patterns settle with the high pressure systems positioning themselves high up in the Australian continent while the lows smash anything south of the border, like the Maroons did Wednesday night!

As we have seen this week with cool nights, warm sunny days, and on the TV the NSW coast has been belted with torrential rain, and the southern highlands now has a nice dusting of the white stuff.

Last week Greg Klease, and his mates, from all over CQ, returned from their wee jaunt out to the Swain Reefs on Iron Joy.

But Greg has lost his camera, and now has to wait and see if he'd left it on the boat when it returns this morning.

In the meantime he has provided me with these two likely lads, being Greg Baker from Springsure, and Cane Murphy from Moranbah, who are showing off a couple of fish.

A nearly perfect weather trip, apart from one day when the breeze popped up to 20 knots.

Many have been out over the past week as well with the weather being so good.

Brad Anderson from Andersons Auto City put his pots in on Saturday afternoon and pulled them out the next morning, keeping only those crabs which were more than 1cm oversize and still ended up with a swag of crab!

The salmon have also been on the run within Colosseum and the other usual spots around the region and the harbour.

Whether it's because of the full moon I really don't know, but it is possible with the last full moon being a super dooper one.

Out wide those who have been trying to get a feed have had mixed reports.

I'm hearing the bite was very quiet with very few trout and lipper caught.

In close the likes of the wrecks and other structures have been producing good Spanish and spotted mackerel, golden trevally, big queenfish, and a few monster GTs as one client of Johnny Mitchell's found out.

This weekend it looks as though the wind will pop back up to 15-20 knots from the south which will make it nice and chilly if you are out in the open but close in shore the land should provide some shelter.

Other than that you should be on the water right now!

There is still some good grunter, bream, and barra being caught in the Boyne River once you get upstream from the South Trees entry.

In the Calliope there are some great barra and mangrove jack in the snags and the salmon are there in good numbers too.

There is a forecast for rain coming through late Saturday and then Sunday and Monday as the wind strengthens from the south west.

The last quarter of the moon phase occurs early next week, resulting in smaller tidal runs, but it's a shame with the weather hanging around until next Wednesday at least.

Best you get out and among them tomorrow then!

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