Want to win a Clive Palmer doll? How about an Abbott plush?

NO SIGN OF VENDING ENDING: These political plush toys are at Morayfield Shopping Centre.
NO SIGN OF VENDING ENDING: These political plush toys are at Morayfield Shopping Centre. Jorge Branco

POLITICIANS in shopping centres are all too common, but you haven't seen Clive Palmer like this before.

The Member for Fairfax is more snuggly than ever, Prime Minister Tony Abbott is in his speedos (again) and former PM Kevin Rudd is unmistakable, as their plush toy alter-egos peer out from their vending machine home in Morayfield Shopping Centre.

So far Morayfield is the furthest north you can find these plush pollies but their creator has warned they could be on their way to the Coast.

"I don't have any machines (on the Coast) but I do know people up there so I'll get onto them and see if they want to put them up there," Queensland Coin Operated Amusements owner Wally Trigger said.

It all begs the question... who would want one of these public servant playthings?

So far readers have been surprisingly interested in the idea, suggesting the toys could make great voodoo dolls or dartboards.

Member for Morayfield Darren Grimwade even threw his two cents in.

"Where's mine? That's hilarious, you have put a smile on my face," he said on Facebook.

"What will they think of next?"

The managerial mannequins come in a set of seven, commissioned by Mr Trigger in the lead-up to the 2013 Federal Election.

But the shipment was delayed and the dolls didn't arrive until four days after the election so the 63-year-old is getting rid of them however he can.

"(I'm) also supplying them to South Australia," Mr Trigger said.

"They sell them in pet shops down there as dog toys."

Other politicians available are former treasurer Wayne Swan, Katter's Australian Party leader Bob Katter and there are two versions of former PM Julia Gillard.

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