Gladstone residents agree street violence is a serious issue in the city.
Gladstone residents agree street violence is a serious issue in the city. Christopher Chan GLA170213PARA

Gladstone has a say on street violence issues

IT'S agreed. Gladstone has a serious problem with street violence. So how do we stop it?

This week we asked the people and the response was overwhelming.

People believe if fights are caused by patrons being too drunk, pubs and clubs should take more responsibility and stop serving alcohol earlier.

More police, more CCTV and harsher penalties are needed said others.

Or sadly, for women who don't feel safe, their solution is not to go out.

Here's what some Gladstone residents said about the issue:

Sharna Michalanney: I went out Sunday night and heaps of people got kicked out. When I go out I hardly drink because I don't feel safe.

Teagan Burston: Friends of mine were assaulted one night, a guy and a girl, and since then we haven't been out.

Mike Johnston: Bar staff should kow to stop serving. Patrons need to have more control.

Vickie Roche: It's up to the parents to teach their children it's not acceptable.

Venita Warry: Put the drinking age up to 21, although that is just delaying the problem. We should educate the youth more.

Richard Duff: The penalties are too soft. They need to be a lot harsher.

Hannah Reid: More CCTV cameras and better monitoring of them.

Natalie Mammony: The way guys treat you here is terrible. They should cut the curfew from 5am to 3am.

Phil Hayne: It's caused by binge drinking and people taking drugs. Club owners should take more responsibility.

Raygen Phillips: It's bad in this town. Every time we go out something bad happens.

Clifford Rose: Police patrolling the streets more often.

Alex Thompson: A lot more taxis. More transport and buses for people.

Jade Blackman: The first thing people told me was not to walk down Goondoon St at night by myself. Women are scared.

Lauren Warner: I don't go out because people always take it too far. Women get harrassed, and in Gladstone it's taken to another level.

Samson Mariner: People need to be the bigger man and say no. Keep your mates out of trouble if you are in a group.

Pick up a copy of Wednesday's Observer for more opinions on this topic.

What do you think it the most effective way to stop street violence?

This poll ended on 18 December 2014.

Current Results

More police on the street


Pubs refusing to serve alcohol to already-drunk people


More taxis and transport in the CBD


People taking responsibility for their actions


Harsher penalties for offenders


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Here's how you can help stamp out street violence

THE Observer has launched a community campaign called HandsOff (#handsoff), with the aim of making our streets safer,

Here's how you can get involved in the #HandsOff campaign.

By taking the promise, you pledge:

•        Not to participate in, or condone by being silent, any form of street or late-night violence; and

•        To report any incidents of such violence to the relevant establishment and authorities

It's easy to do - just visit and follow the steps.


Have you, your family or friends been affected by violence? We would love you to share your story.

Your story is the most powerful way to bring about change. You can share your story easily here, on our website, via our Share Your Story page.

If you want you could also make a short YouTube video telling your story and why you support the #HandsOff campaign.

Just remember to send us the link so we can share it with others.

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