Nothing but smooth sailing to the land of nod

SLEEP is a delicate and much-enjoyed pastime of mine. Watch out if I don't get my minimum eight hours a night.

I pride myself in being able to sleep anywhere at any time.

This was proven the other evening when I went camping with a fairly new blow-up mattress.

After pumping this thing up for the better part of 20 minutes, a great and comfortable night's sleep was looking promising - until I dropped the mattress onto a nearby barbed wire fence.

Quicker than a poke to the eye, a comfortable night's sleep had gone out the window.

I wasn't worried, but my companions were.

Sure enough I conquered the usual eight hours that night, despite no one else doing the same.

The constant trains passing by while sleeping on the ground did little to disturb me.

According to my parents, it's always been a trait of mine.

I was removed from my parents' room at only three weeks old because of my snoring as an infant.

I've even slept through a break-in before. I didn't even budge when thieves stole an array of heavy duty construction equipment from right outside my bedroom window.

I can sleep on planes, trains, tractors and boats.

I was en route to Perth about four years ago when I fell asleep before the aircraft had taken off.

It's actually a cause of frustration being able to fall asleep so quickly that you miss out on the food trolley.

I pressed the button hailing an air hostess to my ailing stomach's aid, who embarrassed me publicly in the cabin, declaring loudly that she thought I was being greedy.

Not as bad as a friend of mine, who fell asleep during an MRI scan one day.

It's a constant battle between escaping reality for a few minutes of bliss or missing out on the important things in life.

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