'Not a sob story': Inspiration for change to disability care

FOR local author Agnes G, the ongoing fight to improve the lives of her loved ones served as an inspiration for her first book.

The Reigning Black Sheep is a biographical story about her son, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of one.

It recounts the challenges he and his parents faced throughout his life and the personal growth experienced by everyone.

"I simply have an adaptation to life different from other parents, hence the 'metaphor' the black sheep," Ms G said.

She is also using the book as a platform to advocate for better conditions.

"People just don't do enough," Ms G said.

"You go through the last 40 years and nothing's been happening."

She also said her son's temper served as an 'emotional window' to how he's coping in life.

"I started noticing (my son) was getting more and more angry," Ms G said.

"He would act out more about what he was missing out on - it just initiated more anger in him.

"I eventually saw through that to acknowledge and accept how I could help him live his normal life his way."

Through her and her son's story, she highlights the plight of people with disabilities and the roadblocks placed upon them, preventing them from an optimal quality of life.

"I have created a blend of awareness in disability realms," Ms G said.

"Family, medical, equipment may be common but one gent in my story creates new boundaries not seen before."

While names and places have been changed in the book, Ms G said the story is an accurate account of her experiences.

She also wants people to be inspired to do something to improve living conditions for people with disabilities.

"It is not a sob story," Ms G said.

The book is can be purchased online as a physical copy or eBook at xlibris.com.

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