Norway’s ‘death diving’ goes viral

DEATH diving is the one sport where flopping means more pain to your body than your mind.

Last year's world champ Trulls Torp even calls his fellow Norwegians "totally insane" for inventing the crazy sport.

The 18-year-old two-time king has just been dethroned by Kim Andre Knutsen in the latest exhibition of whirling, twirling diving from a 10-metre board - where competitors are always just a spit-second away from belly-flopping in their dramatic splash landings.

Death Diving - "dødsing" in Norwegian - has two stomach-churning varieties.

Contestants dash along a diving platform and throw themselves off horizontally in the "classic death dive" format.

Arms and legs are stretched out wide like a starfish before being tucked back in just ahead of hitting the water.

The other type is "freestyle" - where the main freedom seems to come from choosing just how scary your routine is.

Amateur divers twist and turn like acrobats before their hazardous impact into the pool.

Knutsen came out on top in this month's season-ending showpiece, edging out Torp by just 0.5 points.

Red Bull sponsored rider Danny Macaskill commented on one video, labelling the footage "insane".

Three-time world champ Filip Julius Devor came third in the annual event, held in Oslo.

Death Diving has been one of Norway's fastest-growing sports in the 11 years since its formation.

And Torp believes only Norway could have set up such a potty pastime.

"It's just how Norwegians are. We're all totally insane," he said.

Now the teenager claims it is the only sport that leaves him feeling on the crest of a wave.

Explaining how he took up the risky hobby, he said of his friends: "We had heard about the World Championship in Death Diving but weren't quite sure what it was all about.

"We began jumping off the 1-metre and 3-metre platform and realised that it was a lot of fun.

"We then moved up to the 10-metre platform. That's when we became part of the 'action'. The 10-metre platform is where things get serious!

"We travel around Norway and do death diving at festivals and events

"You should keep cool on the 10-metre platform. And show how you dominate in the air."

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