Normal water service restored to Calliope, Burua and Beecher

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GLADSTONE Regional Council advises that entire water supply to Calliope, Burua and Beecher has
been restored to normal operations.

Major repairs to Gladstone Area Water Board's (GAWB) Calliope Booster Pump Facility today meant
residents connected to water services within the townships may have experienced low water pressure.

Council had earlier today requested that residents in these areas restrict water usage in case repair
works conducted by GAWB took longer than expected to complete.

Council has since been informed by GAWB that the repairs have been successfully completed and
water supply to affected areas has returned to normal operation.

If customers experience discoloured water when first turning on household taps, Council advice is
to let their tap run for a few minutes until the discolouration disappears.

Council thanks residents in the affected townships for their patience while repairs were under way
and will work with GAWB to reduce the chances of similar events happening in future.

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