Terry Nolan with a box of Vale.
Terry Nolan with a box of Vale.

Nolan Meats reveals new range

A NEW beef brand to hit the Australian food market is produced and distributed by Gympie business, Nolan Meats.

Vale is a premium beef range targeted towards the discerning, but price conscious meat buyer.

This "second tier" premium beef range is priced just below Nolan's existing Private Selection beef brand which was introduced to the market in 2004.

Managing director Terry Nolan revealed the latest product offering at the historic Apollonian Hotel at Boreen Point last night.

He said the Vale branding acknowledged company founder Pat Nolan, who started his butchering apprenticeship in Gympie as a 16-year-old in 1945 before establishing his own retail outlets and processing facility over five decades.

"Nolan Meats started from very humble beginnings," Mr Nolan said.

"The original Apollonian Vale Hotel was across the road from where my father started his apprenticeship and was a popular place for workmates to meet for a beer after work.

"The Vale, as the pub was commonly called, was later relocated to Boreen Point, so it's been more than fitting to have today's launch of the Vale product held here today, both as a way of honouring our past and celebrating our future."

From the 1970s Terry and his brothers, Michael and Tony, began entering the business, which together they have expanded to create one of Australia's most successful, fully integrated export beef processing businesses.
The launch of Vale also comes just months after Nolan Meats was named the 2011 Premier of Queensland Exporter of the Year, followed by being named as a finalist in the Prime Minister's awards in the same category.
Co-director Terry Nolan said his father, at 82 still takes an interest in the business with wife Marie but is no longer active in running the business.

Vale beef is currently being distributed through the independent butcher network between Rockhampton and the Gold Coast and various foodservice outlets, before being rolled out further afield throughout the year.

He said the timing of the product's launch couldn't have been better as there had been an increase in consumer demand for great quality beef at an affordable price because of a deeper awareness and understanding of the science behind the Meat Standards Australia (MSA).

"Vale is about embracing the Australian developed MSA eating quality system which we believe to be the best in the world," Mr Nolan said.

"We've seen the need in the market to have a second MSA underpinned brand and we believe that setting the highest standards in food safety and animal welfare resonates with consumers, beyond that eating quality is the next most important factor in the hierarchy for many consumers and then perhaps price.

"It is about targeting these few fundamentals and then letting consumers decide what they want; giving consumers a choice. There is a large group of consumers that have been hurt by the global financial woes of recent times. What consumers care about is guaranteed tender beef and good value for money - reflecting the good old-fashioned values. Vale answers those questions in the positive and we can say that it is because we will rely on our fifty-four years of family meat industry experience combined with the MSA science. If the MSA science says this is good eating quality and our quality management systems support it, then we are proud to pack it as Vale.

"We believe we're putting into the market a quality beef product that's priced well within most household budgets."

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