Noisy traffic control kills sleep for Gladstone residents

Graeme Palmer is frustrated by a series of fast beeps occurring automatically at the traffic lights on Dawson Rd.
Graeme Palmer is frustrated by a series of fast beeps occurring automatically at the traffic lights on Dawson Rd. Laura McKee


What's a bloke got to do to get a bit of kip around here?

A noisy traffic light is driving Glegg St, Park St and Dawson Rd residents barmy with its intermittent beeping.

And one bloke's not taking it lying down.

Glegg St resident Graeme Palmer said the four pedestrian push buttons at the traffic lights on the corner of Park St and Dawson Rd automatically beep without being pushed.

He said it annoyed residents nearby - even waking them at all hours of the night.

The issue has been occurring for three weeks, and Mr Palmer said it was the first time it had happened in the 35 years he had lived there.

Mr Palmer said he originally thought somebody had jammed the button, but it was in fact beeping by itself.

"Some days it's all right, but it was running for 24 hours a day without people pushing it," Mr Palmer said.

"It stops for a while like when you go to press it, but so many minutes later it starts up again.

Mr Palmer wrote a letter to The Observer last week, voicing his concern as to when Main Roads would fix the sound from the traffic lights.

"I rang the council but they said it was a Main Roads responsibility," he said.

"Main Roads rang my neighbour Ron and they came and fixed it, but it's still been on and off."

A spokesperson from Transport and Main Roads said: "There is an intermittent fault with the pedestrian activated traffic light at the intersection of Park St, Dawson Rd and Glegg St in Gladstone. A technician is scheduled to review the operation of this equipment today."


This is Graeme Palmer's letter to the editor:

When are the main roads department going to get a fully qualified technician who can fix the pedestrian audible sound at the corner of Park Street and Dawson Road?

This sound works with the lights.

It is only supposed to work when the button is pressed, but at present it is working 24 hours a day automatically, keeping the Park St, Dawson Rd and Glegg St residents awake.

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