Lorikeets tone it down as they look for love

WE can all breathe a sigh of relief this month as one noisy neighbour turns down the decibels for spring.

The rainbow lorikeet can be a frustrating backyard visitor at times, due to its loud screeching and the chaotic noise the birds create when they get together in their roosting trees.

The noise can be a bit much sometimes, but the good news is that many of these flocks are currently dispersing as they spread out to look for nests.

Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife CEO Susanna Bradshaw said right now Gladstone lorikeets were looking for some good nesting spots to raise their chicks.

"They will be starting to nest in tree hollows or nest boxes and both parents will take care of the chicks," she said.

Bird lovers are being encouraged to join up to Backyard Buddies, a free program run by Australia's Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife.

Each month, you get a Backyard Buddies email with tips to make your backyard inviting and safe for native animals.

"These (rainbow) lorikeets are noisy communicators because they usually hang out in large groups, so they have a lot of other voices to compete with," said Ms Bradshaw.

"Yes it's true that rainbow lorikeets can be noisy little blighters at times, but humans can be just as troublesome for them if we cut down their nesting or roosting trees or when they become victims on our roads."

National Parks and Wildlife is asking you to share your most interesting photo of your choice of Australian native animal on for a chance to win a you-beaut Penguin Backyard Buddy toy.


  • Make the most of rainbow lorikeets:
  • Even though lorikeets have a sweet tooth and mainly eat pollen and nectar, their bodies are not adapted to the refined sugar that we eat. So make sure you don't feed them any honey or sugar as it can make them ill. Feeding them bread can also cause problems, so let them find their own food as they are very good at it.
  • You can feed rainbow lorikeets the natural way by planting native banksias, grevilleas or bottlebrushes in your garden. Lorikeets go for these flowering shrubs and will spend time in your garden with these around.
  • Lorikeets love splashing around in bird baths so you could place one in your garden, near a window and watch their crazy antics up close. Plenty of other birds will also thank you for it.

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