No word from Truss on NBN roll-out in Gladstone

FACEBOOK addicts won't like the news that the National Broadband Network is still a while away from servicing all of Gladstone.

Acting Prime Minister Warren Truss confirmed during a visit to Calliope last week that he had no exact time frame for when Gladstone could expect widespread roll-out of high-speed internet.

"Well, all the new estates have been required now for several years to put in fibre optic cable but many of those estates can't be connected to the network because it isn't there," Mr Truss said.

"I can't report specifically on the estates in Gladstone, but I'm aware of scores of these kinds of experiences around the countryside so those places will obviously eventually be connected, but you've actually got to have the cable provided to do that and that's probably been the worst element of the whole NBN debacle over the years."

Mr Truss said that while the NBN might be on the horizon, wireless towers and transmitters were being erected en masse to provide communities with upgraded internet speeds in the meantime, as well as the introduction of a new satellite expected to be operational by late 2016.

Gladstone's Dick Smith Electronics store manager Grace Johns said there were still options for people to maximise their internet connectivity while waiting for the NBN to arrive.

"Ethernet yeah, plug it in because when you go wi-fi you drop sometimes up to half the speed that you're getting," Ms Johns said.

"With ADSL-2 the most in this area, I think, is 21mb/s so drop half of that and it's quite slow, so ethernet cable as much as possible so you don't lose speed.

"Sometimes it (ethernet cabling) will use a bit of cord but it'll stop the lagging."

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