Blue and White taxi driver, Jim Redman.
Blue and White taxi driver, Jim Redman. Christopher Chan GLA071112TAXI

Grab a bite before taking a taxi with new no stopping rule

BE SURE to curb your munchie cravings before hopping into a taxi home after a big night out - Gladstone Blue and White taxis will no longer take passengers through takeaway drive-throughs on weekend nights.

Chairman Allan Rowe said the company had successfully trialled the new initiative and announced it's here to stay.

"What this is all about is if you put a group of people on the top rank at the rink, there's one thing that's going to happen - there's going to be a brawl," he said.

"The point of this is to clear more people out of that main district quicker."

The new restriction occurs between 1-4am on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Mr Rowe said the takeaway problem was compounded by limited fast-food staff on early in the morning, making line waits up to 25 minutes.

"That's when we get four or five taxis tied up in that line and we can't get back to city," Mr Rowe said.

The weekend taxi fleet has 28 taxis available and the company encourages people to multi-hire - meaning share the taxi if heading in the same direction

"About over a third of our fleet now are maxi-taxis," Mr Rowe said. "It helps a heck of a lot."

Mr Rowe said dealing with the lack of taxis in Gladstone was a shared responsibility with the community.

"The issue has always been for calling tenders and people who want to operate taxis. The problem you face in Gladstone, it doesn't happen as much in other parts of Queensland, is that there's more work than people want to do.

"The people of Gladstone have been pretty good over the last three to four months, which is helping us gain drivers. Just one person has to get assaulted and it all goes downhill."

Taxi driver Jim Redman isn't too concerned over a backlash against the new no drive-through rule.

"Whether they like it or not, people will abuse you over nothing anyway," he said.

"You still have to deal with them, arguing and wanting to fight you about not being allowed to have a beer in the car or smoke."

With the initiative requested by Gladstone Police and approved by the council and Department of Transport and Main Roads, Mr Redman is legally obliged to follow orders.

"Feedback from that is that they think it's a good idea, but they're obviously not the ones wanting to go through," he said.


  • Between 1-4am Sat and Sun morning no taxis in drive-throughs
  • Share cabs with others heading the same direction

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