No refugees for Gladstone until we get jobs, readers say

READERS have slammed suggestions Syrian refugees could be settled in the Gladstone region. 

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced in Queensland Parliament yesterday the state would welcome 3500 Syrian refugees - nearly a third of the additional quota Australia will accept.

Federal Member for Flynn Ken O'Dowd has released a statement supporting the settlement of refugees in Central Queensland, but wrote that the proposal would only work if there was enough available housing and employment opportunities for the new arrivals.

>> Residents worry if there will be enough work for refugees

>> O'Dowd, Burnett welcome refugee uptake... if we're prepared

Deputy Mayor Cr Matt Burnett welcomed the announcement, but acknowledged there would be issues surrounding jobs and housing. 

MP Ken O'Dowd and Cr Matt Burnett say taking in Syrian refugees will boost the local economy and benefit the community...

Posted by The Observer on Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Here's what you said on Facebook:

Josh Glover: And they woukd take the jobs that we are begging for already. Personal opinion but there it is.

Paul Christopher: NO! Charity begins at home! Look after our own first and foremost!

Corna Viljoen: With all the people in Gladstone looking for work it is not fair to bring in more. A lot of locals are struggling, we should take care of our own first.

Ria Forrest Lokkers: Only if they class themselves as New Australians, same as after WW2, different nationalities came here from war-torn countries. My parents arrived with nothing, and became Australian.

Sarah Krause: Considering my partner could not find work here he now has to work away and only home on weekends its pretty unfair especially if these refugees find jobs sraight away. 

Kevin Minter: No way get out... we will fight.

Bec Dailey Ahchay: No!!!! There will be NO welcome mat from me!!!!!

Sonia Maree Howard: Yes I would welcome them here.

Sean Corbet: How bad would life have to be before you left the home and country that your family had beed born and grown up in, with nothing but the clothes on your back? these people are being brought into the country legally, how about you think what they have been through. This could be a great opportunity to help those that need it and I doubt very much that they will take skilled jobs from locals.

Shaun Archer: Maybe politicians should welcome them into their own homes and support them with their overpaid salaries, people are already struggling to find work.

Leigh Waddington: The MPs have got no clue on what's going on in this town. Next election if I can vote for a rock, I will. 

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