No funding for infrastructure

THE Gladstone Regional Council admits the Social Infrastructure Strategic Plan (SISP) allocates no funding to identify infrastructure.

“The biggest gap in the SISP is that no funding has been allocated to the infrastructure that has been identified as being necessary to manage this massive industrial expansion that is on our doorstep,” Gladstone Regional Council Development spokesperson Councillor Craig Butler said.

The Queensland Government joined with the Gladstone Regional Council to develop the strategic social study for Gladstone in 2009.

Identified infrastructure includes human and community services including housing, aged care, student accommodation and respite care, health services including mental health for young people, education and training opportunities for mature people and sports, cultural and recreational services.

“The SISP is a groundbreaking plan – a first. It was developed by professional consultants and it is a work in progress and will evolve as time goes on, so it can adapt to serve the needs of our community,” Cr Butler said.

The outcome of the study was the forming of The Gladstone Foundation. It is proposed that the foundation will operate for the long-term as a mechanism for managing and allocating industry contributions for the community, however, many locals feel that it’s too little too late.

“All of the proponents have to meet the conditions of their EIS approval,” Cr Butler said.

“As none of the proponents have made a final investment decision it would be inappropriate to be investing in infrastructure prematurely. The Gladstone Foundation should be voluntary as it sits separately to the EIS process and will allow each of the proponents to fund their own signature projects if they wish to.”

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