Kurt Cobain was 27 when he died April 5, 1994, in his home in a wealthy neighbourhood near Lake Washington. Picture: Robert Sorbo/The Seattle Times via AP
Kurt Cobain was 27 when he died April 5, 1994, in his home in a wealthy neighbourhood near Lake Washington. Picture: Robert Sorbo/The Seattle Times via AP

Ex-manager slams Cobain murder claims

NIRVANA'S ex-manager has branded claims that Kurt Cobain was murdered as "ridiculous", insisting he witnessed the star's downward spiral into suicidal depression.

The Sun reports that music mogul Danny Goldberg has released a book charting his turbulent relationship with the Grunge icon marking the 25th anniversary of his death, aged 27.

Heroin-addicted Cobain shot himself at his home in Washington State on April 5, 1994.

Despite police confirming that the Nirvana frontman committed suicide, bizarre conspiracy theories have swirled that the legendary musician was murdered - in a hit allegedly arranged by his wife Courtney Love.

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain with their daughter Frances Bean.
Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain with their daughter Frances Bean.

However, Goldberg has slammed such suggestions detailing Cobain's previous attempt to kill himself and escape from rehab in the days before his death.

In the book Serving the Servant, he writes: "It's ridiculous. He killed himself. I saw him the week beforehand, he was depressed," The Independent reported.

"He tried to kill himself six weeks earlier, he'd talked and written about suicide a lot, he was on drugs, he got a gun.

"Why do people speculate about it? The tragedy of the loss is so great people look for other explanations.

"I don't think there's any truth at all to it."

Goldberg reveals he and other close friends had been asked to attend a drugs intervention for Cobain by his distraught wife on March 25, 1994.

The star had overdosed on tranquillisers and booze in a hotel room in Rome three weeks earlier which Hole singer Love claimed was his first suicide attempt,

A week before that cops were called to Cobain's home after he had locked himself in a room with several guns and a bottle of pills.

Goldberg said Love was "scared" and clearly worried about her husband's wellbeing.

He said: "She'd witnessed that he was going through a very tough time and thought maybe other people talking to him would get him to get some help.

"I spoke to him on the phone when I got home and talked to him one last time.

"I couldn't shake him out of being depressed, I couldn't cheer him up or get him to feel there was hope.

"I was just hoping that if the drugs got out of his system then he could think more clearly and that would be a good time to have better conversations with him.

"Of course I never was able to have such conversations."

After the intervention, Cobain agreed to check into a Los Angeles rehab clinic on March 30.

However, he escaped the following day leaping the perimeter fence of the facility and catching a plane back to Seattle.

The singer vanished for several days prompting Love to hire a private detective.

His body was then discovered on April 8 - three days after his suicide.

A shotgun he had bought from a friend before leaving for LA the previous week was lying beside his body.

Bonkers conspiracy theories have resurfaced on the 25th anniversary of the star's death - as his lawyer claims the singer wasn't the author of his suicide note.

In the 2015 documentary Soaked in Bleach, Cobain's former lawyer Rosemary Carroll stated that he does not believe Cobain wrote the suicide note that was found in his house.

As reported by the Daily Star, Carroll contacted private investigator Tom Grant soon after the star's death to make the claim, and recorded the phone call.

Dave Grohl, Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic of Nirvana.
Dave Grohl, Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic of Nirvana.

In the documentary, Carroll, a close friend of Cobain's, says: "I don't think he wrote it.

"I feel the same way I felt when I read it. He didn't write it."

Many conspiracy theorists share the same view on the troubled singer.

They believe that the last four lines of the letter - the only section that alludes to suicide - is written in different handwriting to the majority of the document.

The rest of the letter, they believe, is just an announcement that Cobain is leaving his wife and retiring from the music business.

Experts have compared other examples of Cobain's handwriting to the last lines of the note in the past, and found discrepancies.

In the series Unexplained Mysteries, handwriting expert Reginald Alton said he believed a second hand was at work.

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- This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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