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Cartoonist Gary Clark works on his daily comic Swamp first published in 1981.
Cartoonist Gary Clark works on his daily comic Swamp first published in 1981. Contributed

DRAWINGS with or without captions used to illustrate, tell a joke, satirise, caricature, entertain or tell a story are all considered cartoons.

Cartoonists, caricaturists, illustrators, comic strip artists, animators and digital artists, produce these pieces of artwork for newspapers, magazines, production houses and online.

Cartoons can be categorized in to paper-print (those that appear in newspapers, magazines, books, advertising) and animated (as seen on television and films).

Whether cartoons are intended for print or screen media presentations, the cartoonist uses specific devices to convey information to the viewer.

Almost all the cartoons intended for the print medium are created with either traditional pencil, pen, and ink materials or through computer software.

Animated films and television are made using three major techniques: traditional and hand-drawn animation (Cel), stop-motion, and computer generated imagery (CGI).

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The facility will be donated to council by BTABC and Boyne Smelters.

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